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Paint is a plastic substance which Carol Odell uses to create compositions that record her working process. She manipulates the paint with a variety of tools and brushes to create patterns, textures and layers so the viewer can see the choices and decisions she, the painter, has made. This building and layering for her is an expression of growth which means " life".

A modicum of planning and structuring does occur, but elements are changeable and discardable if they don't work to achieve the balance she is looking for. For her a painting is finished when there are no more changes to be made. Her choice of media must accommodate her method of working and therefore, she has chosen oil for its variability and slower drying time and gouache or opaque watercolor for the ability to work over areas.

The medium is a preferred medium for artist, Carol Odell, because of its painterly qualities. The freedom of maniuplation and the luminous quality of the prints allow her to concentrate freely on the harmonious expression of color and form. She uses plexiglass plates and oil paints and employs an etching press for printing. Often she uses a technique of "overprinting" whereby two prepared plates are printed on the same paper. The papers she uses are 100% rag papers or Japanese handmade papers.

Although the results of monotyping can often be serendipitous, the artist with experience comes to know how certain materials and methods will react to varying pressures and learns to anticipate and therefore control the results of the final product.

Coordinants Unknown Painting
"Coordinants Unknown"
Days End Game Painting
"Days End Game"
Buried Treasures Painting
"Buried Treasures"
Opening Conversation Painting
"Opening Conversation"
Be Still Shine Deep
"Be Still Shine Deep "
Cool Clear Dreams
"Cool Clear Dreams "
Ironic Quietude
"Ironic Quietude "
Mystery At Play
"Mystery At Play "
Steadfast assist
"Steadfast Assist "
Blue Superior
"Blue Superior "
Golden Transfer
"Golden Transfer "
Just As It Should Be
"Just As It Should Be"
Open Invitation
"Open Invitation "
Walking Deep Greens
"Walking Deep Greens"
Clear wandering
"Clear Wandering "
Hidden In Glimmer
"Hidden In Glimmer "
Mixed Blessings
"Mixed Blessings "
Rocking Cool Green
"Rocking Cool Green "
Zephyr's Touch
"Zephyr's Touch"

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